Dog Anxiety and Stress

Like humans, dogs have personalities, and—as with people—some dogs are prone to stress and anxiety. This is especially common in dogs that are adopted. Occupying your dog helps to keep him both mentally and physically stimulated, leaving Rover less stressed-out, and a less stressed-out dog is less inclined to destroy things in your house.

There are many ways you can help your pooch release pent-up energy and tension, and therefore help prevent destructive behavior. Give him chew toys designed for determined and active chewers for independent play, engage your dog with interactive toys (like a durable rope tug toy), or provide toys that hold treats to keep him busy and engaged. Depending on the type of dog and chewer, any of these toys can be a wonderful way to occupy your dog, and they also make great rewards!

Dog Anxiety and Stress Solutions from Nylabone: